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Top Tips for Auditions

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auditions 1Whether you’re a pro or it’s your first time, auditioning is always scary. Here are some Top Tips from our members on how to get through auditions night.

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If you want a part in a show, you are probably going to have to show the creative team and the society what you can do – in other words, you will have to audition for the part. Even those who are incredibly comfortable performing on stage can find auditions really scary, and it’s natural to get nervous before an audition. As tonight is audition night for Little Shop of Horrors, here are the members’ Top Tips for getting through audition night.


auditions 1Support Each Other


You might feel you are the only one who is nervous about auditions or that everyone else will do a great job and you will mess up. But you are not alone! Even those who are veterans will still get nervous, and if it is your first audition, everyone else will understand if you are worried – they have all been there. 

  • “Wish each other luck before and congratulate each other after.”
  • “Although no one applauds, your friends are watching and they want you to do well and are willing you on.”
  • “Prepare for auditions with your friends – play against each other and ask for their advice.”
  • “I want everyone to do well, even those auditioning against me. Having the best possible cast on stage is paramount and good for everyone, even if that means I don’t get the part I want.”
  • “If people watching you is making you nervous, focus on the clock (or something) at the back of the room. This will keep your head up, like looking out to the balcony, and avoids the eyes of the audience.”
  • “Take your glasses off – then you can’t see everyone!”
  • “The panel aren’t looking to catch you out – talk to the director about the character if you have questions.”
  • “Ask an experienced member to help you prepare or give you advice.”


 Prepare Ye!

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 Making sure you are prepared is probably the most important part of a good audition. Make sure you know what lines you need to learn, what song you need to sing and if you need to do anything extra such as a dance audition or another lib audition. You don’t want to get caught out on the night!

  • “Know your songs and your lines.”
  • “Think about the character – who are they, how are they feeling in this scene, what has just happened?”
  • “Read through the show from start to finish before auditions.”
  • “Turn your phone off!”
  • “Have lots of water ready.”
  • “If you have a prop or some clothes or shoes that help you get into the character, wear these. You shouldn’t turn up in full costume, but a subtle hint shows that you’ve thought about what the character would wear.”
  • “Prepare for the unexpected – if someone opposite you forgets their lines or says the wrong one, know how to keep the scene going. Auditions are a lot about improvisation as well as preparation – what will you do if something unexpected happens on show night? Here’s your chance to show that you can adapt.”
  • “No matter what happens stay in character!!”
  • “Don’t worry what the other auditionees might be doing. Just concentrate on your own characterisation.”



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 Enjoy it!


It might seem impossible to enjoy something so scary, but it’s also important that you have fun. Enjoying it will take away some of your nerves, but it will also ensure you give a better perfomance. 

  • “Get up and enjoy it, after all it might be the only opportunity you get to do it, so make it the performance of your life!”
  • “Don’t worry about what everyone thinks – if you have done your best and you enjoyed your audition, that’s all that matters.”
  • “While you’re waiting for the cast list to be published do something to take your mind off it. Singing as a group, taking publicity photos for the show or just putting on some music is a good way to distract the cast.”
  • “Try not to be too disapointed if you don’t get the part you wanted. You may get another part that turns out to be really fun or a chance to challenge yourself in a different way. And being part of a chorus in a show is always a really fun experience – you get to be in lots of big numbers and part of a group without the pressure of being a prinicpal.”
  • “Ask for feedback after the auditions – know what you need to do to improve so you can prepare for the next auditions. Maybe you weren’t right for this part, but there might be a part out there which is perfect for you.”




Our Top 3 Tips


It’s okay if you don’t like auditioning – not many people do – but as long as you do the best that you can and are happy with your own audition, that’s the most important thing. Auditions don’t last long and soon you are back to rehearsing for the show and learning fabulous songs and new dances – you’ll soon forget you were so nervous about auditions! Our Top 3 Tips from the Sainsbury Singers will hopefully help you beat those nerves and give the best audition you can.

Support each other – you are all in this together.

Make sure you are prepared.

Enjoy it and give the performance of your life.