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A Guy and Doll blog #2

 Meet Nathan Detroit (Steve Cox)

guys and dolls stephen 2So our first rehearsal, Wendy – our producer – gives us a summary of her vision for the show and each of the characters and rounds it all off with “whoever gets Nathan and Adelaide has big shoes to fill” – Great! That honour has fallen to Lorraine and I. Wendy was right though, Gordon and Lesley who played the parts the last two times we have performed Guys and Dolls, were both fantastic. Fortunately I have learnt a lot from watching Gordon and have even remembered some of it!

Nathan is a great character and this is quickly becoming one of my favourite parts to date. He is the go to man for the gamblers looking for action on the streets of New York, and by the seat of his pants he will deliver. Some have uttered the words “type cast” and in fairness I have struggled to form a defence against.

I didn’t necessarily see myself playing Nathan, having spent the last 15 years wanting a crack at playing Sky Masterson. Both are amazing parts, and Sky has the pick of the songs, the most notable being Luck be a Lady, but my favourite is the short piece My Time of Day. Matthew Smith is Sky, and I am not regurgitating the cast, he literally is Sky and I could not imagine playing the part anywhere near as well as he is. Nathan however has the edge with character and lib (in my opinion). The script is brilliantly written and there is a fair amount of it to learn which I have almost done with 2 weeks to spare!

I loved this show first time in chorus and it is truly a team effort that brings this show to life, the quality of our Guys & Dolls is what makes this society unique in the area and is not only going to make this a brilliant show to watch, but an absolute joy to be a part of. But what has really made this part for me is playing opposite my wife. Sounds corny but it has been great, we get to argue and fall out 2 nights a week and then go to rehearsals and do it again!! Lorraine is a brilliant Adelaide, a joy to work with and a fantastic support. I hope we are both doing Wendy proud in filling those shoes.

guys and dolls blog 3

 Meet Adelaide (Lorraine Cox)

guys and dolls lorraine 2

I am Lorraine and I am playing the part of Adelaide who has a nasal sounding voice, so I am speaking in a way that feels very unnatural to me. I am working hard to make sure I don’t slip in and out of it while speaking my lines at rehearsals.

Adelaide is a lady who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it with confidence. I am driven like Adelaide, but I wish I had the confidence to boot. I can’t imagine for a second that she worries about what people think of her.

Rehearsals have been so much fun and it has been so lovely to spend time on stage with my husband. We have seen each other play roles with others before, but not together romantically. Because we are a couple in real life, it just feels so comfortable and natural, where I know in the past I have felt awkward.

My favourite part in the show has to be when I am cross with Nathan after being let down by him so many times. We can just really let go and then there is no need to apologise afterwards because it was all pretend!

 Find out what happens in Nathan and Adelaide’s love story from 15th-18th May 2019. Book your tickets now!