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A fun frolic for all the family: Kaz Grainger on directing this modern retelling of a classic

Kipps – the New Half a Sixpence Musical  comes to the Hexagon in May 2024. We caught up with director Kaz Grainger to find out more.

How did you get into directing?

Drama and theatre are my first loves. I have had an interest in directing ever since secondary school and would jump at the chance to be a part of any and all theatre productions during that time. I followed theatre throughout the rest of my education, doing GCSE and A Level drama and then onto college for a BTEC in performing arts, finishing with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre at London College of Music. The dream was to open my own drama school and do what I love for a living. I haven’t lost hope yet!

During the directing process, what have been your highlights to date?

My highlights thus far have been watching the cast bring my scribbled ideas to life. Being able to watch the progression and hear the incredible Sainsbury Singers sound from a different perspective just makes me so proud to be a part of this amazing group of individuals.

How are rehearsals going?

Rehearsals are going great! We are two ensemble numbers away from it all being set which puts us in an amazing position to be able to do full runs for the last 6 weeks until the show. Our principals are going from strength to strength, with a special mention to our lead Alex who is never offstage! Our ensemble are as strong as ever and are having fun exploring their inner posh characters and embracing their salt of the earth, pub-dwelling counterparts. Musically I will always be in awe of the sound that is produced by these immensely talented individuals. From the first rehearsal the standard was unmatched, and it keeps going up from there.

Why do you think audiences will enjoy the show?

If you are a fan of Half a Sixpence, you won’t be disappointed with the fresh new coat of paint that has been put onto Kipps. Kipps epitomises musical theatre! It’s a classic that’s been made accessible for a whole new audience, so it can be enjoyed for many more decades to come. It is the perfect blend of feel-good dance numbers, lovable characters and memorable, catchy tunes that will leave you clapping and tapping all the way home. The show is high energy from start to finish and it is a show for the whole family.

What’s it like working with The Sainsbury Singers?

I have been a part of the Sainsbury singers for 11 years and I have always been in awe of what we produce. I have had the privilege of assistant directing on several productions and being given the opportunity to direct has been a highlight for sure. Even though the society has evolved, and members have come and gone throughout my time, the society has never lost its family feel. It’s is so unique in its structure and its core, and I believe it’s what keeps members a part of the society for so long. I am and always will be proud to call myself a Sainsbury Singer.

Join us at the Hexagon from 15-18 May for this fresh, fun and energetic production.