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A Guy and a Doll #1

 Meet Sky Masterson


guys and dolls matt 2My name is Matt and I play the role of Sky Masterson, a gambler who makes a bet that he can take any woman to Havana. Although I have placed the odd flutter in the past, aside from that, there are very few similarities between myself and my character. Sky is a confident, assertive and self-assured man. I am clumsy, awkward and shy.

This is my first principal role since 2014 and the initial thought of stepping back onto the rehearsal floor as a lead was incredibly daunting. I am grateful for all the kind words and encouragement the creative team and cast have given me during the rehearsal process. Being surrounded by so many talented people is insipring and it constantly drives me to look deeper into my character, to work harder at understanding his motives and to practice every spare second I have.

Rehearsals have been extremely fun, productive and full of energy. With show week less than ten weeks away now, I am very excited for us to bring our interpretation of Guys and Dolls to the Hexagon and hopefully entertain everyone watching. As always, a huge amount of time and effort goes into putting on a show – every single person plays such an important part, both on and off stage, but we also couldn’t do this without our supportive audiences as well.

I cannot end this without mentioning one person in particular – Sara, who plays Sarah, Sky’s love interest. Sara is a lot of fun to rehearse with, hard-working and has great attention to detail. Acting opposite her is an absolute pleasure and I would like to say thank you to Sara for putting up with me and my awkward ways!


 Meet Sarah Brown

guys and dolls sara

My name is Sara and I play Sergeant Sarah Brown, a missionary trying to convert the alcoholics and gamblers of Broadway to Christianity. On the surface, Sarah is idealistic, straight-laced and uptight, but I think there’s also an underlying passion right from the start of the show. She’s passionate about the cause of the mission and the people around her. Meeting Sky changes everything for Sarah – he’s able to break down her guard and allow her to discover a more adventuous side to her character.

Rehearsals have been going really well. As we’ve set most of the show, we’ve got the luxury of being able to use the remainder of the time to really refine the scenes and delve a little deeper into the character’s motivations. The rehearsal process has also been a huge amount of fun.

Despite joining the society at the same time as Matt, this is the first time we’ve acted opposite each other in principal roles. It’s been a pleasure as Matt is ridiculously talented but also reassuringly never misses a beat – I have to place a huge amount of trust in Matt at many points in this show!

One of my favourite parts of the rehearsal process is band call when we get to sing through songs with the full orchestra for the first time. Guys and Dolls is one of my favourite shows with such fantastic music that I’m looking forward to band call more than ever!

 Find out what happens in Sky and Sarah’s love story from 15th-18th May 2019. Book your tickets now!