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Hot Mikado

hot mikado programme

Cultures glide and collide in a hilarious and “hot” updating of Gilbert and Sullivan’s perennial classic The Mikado which first graced the theatrical boards in 1885. Hot Mikado which was created 101 years later, weaves a hilarious tale where despite life or death stakes, characters still find time to tap their toes and do their fair share of scatting.

In a land where outlandish laws sentence people to death for almost any indiscretion, find out what happens when the clean lines and colour of Japanese design combine with the big band sights and sounds of popular American song and dance!

Hot Mikado Artwork with detailsThe plot of Hot Mikado does not stray far from the Gilbert and Sullivan original, with a similar satiric tone. The intricate storyline intertwines together the lives of the Titipu citizens with theatrical and comical results.

Hot Mikado fuses an eclectic mix of musical styles and influences, with big numbers such as ‘Three Little Maids’, ‘I’ve Got A Little List’ and ‘A Wandering Minstrel I’ given the rock, blues, swing and hot gospel treatment. Bursting with toe tapping lindy-hop, jazz and tap dance numbers, this show isn’t just sizzling – it’s hot!

Book and lyrics adapted by David H Bell. Music adapted and arranged by Rob Bowman. The Sainsbury Singers performed this under agreement from Joseph Weinberger Limited.

Hot Mikado was produced and directed by Wendy Carne with musical direction by Jon Brooks, choreography by Denise Schult and lighting design by Kim Hollamby.

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Award winning!

 The Sainsbury Singers are very pleased to announce that their production of Hot Mikado won the NODA district awards for the following catagories:

  • The Dorothy Lawson Award for Best Gilbert & SullivanHot Mikado 
  • The Malcom Rose Award for Best Female in a Gilbert & Sullivan – Lucy Hutson as Pitti Sing
  • The Malcom Rose Award for Best Male in a Gilbert & Sullivan – Gareth Wells as Ko-Ko

And many congratulations for the cast and crew of Hot Mikado which won the Dorothy Lawson Award for Best G&S regional trophy, and Gareth Wells who won the Malcom Rose Award for Best Male in a G&S regional trophy!

To read more about the NODA Awards, read our blog here.


What the audience said

Just wanted to stop by and say congratulation on such an amazing show, oh how we laughed! Jessamy was brilliant, Gareth made me laugh so much! The whole thing came together so well, you are all so talented.

Very enjoyable show. Congratulations to everyone involved, especially Ko-Ko (Gary) – really funny and a great talent.

Brilliant show! Great music! Special mention to Gareth Wells and Jessamy Vincent – outstanding! Loved 3 Little Maids and of course all the choreography, Denise Schult!

Well done Sainsbury Singers. A super show with some truly amazing moments. You should be proud of yourselves. Some great singing and comedy too. Applause.

Fantastic performance tonight, well done all of you, can’t wait for the next production! Very funny, very professional, tons of talent. Best night out I’ve had for a long while. Highly recommended.

This show is just one of the funniest things I have seen in ages. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you need to get one. I wanted to see it again as soon as it finished.


hot mikado gallery


  • The Mikado Brian Bretney
  • Nanki-Poo Chris Thomas
  • Yum-Yum Abi Lingwood
  • Pitti-Sing Lucy Hutson
  • Peep-Bo Lorraine Cox
  • Pish-Tush Tony Demetriou
  • Ko-Ko Gareth Wells
  • Pooh-Bah Stephen Cox
  • Katisha Jessamy Vincent
  • Ping-Pong Matthew Smith
  • Wei-Ling Kazia Grainger
  • Lead Tap Dancers Cath Hannan, Emily Hiscock, Hannah Rakowska

Ladies and Gentlemen of Japan

Amy Hale, Brian Bretney, Cath Hannan, Chris Howard, Chris Reeves, Denise Schult, Emily Hiscock, Emma Fry, Emma Reeves, Godfrey Chigona, Hannah Rakowska, Helen Thomas, Hilary Latimer & Michael Schult.

The Hot Mikado Band

        • Bass Phil Berry
        • Percussion Julian Brown
        • Piano Jon Brooks
        • Trombone Nick Kershaw
        • Trumpet James Lowe
        • Reeds and Flute Anna O’Brien

Behind the Scenes

      • Producer Wendy Carne
      • Choreographer Denise Schult
      • Musical Director Jon Brooks
      • Lighting Designer Kim Hollamby
      • Sound John Ollerenshaw, Sally Ollerenshaw
      • Lighting programming and technician Adrian Croton
      • Followspots Nathan Isaac, Louis Martin
      • Stage Manager John Simmonds
      • Deputy Stage Manager Becca Simons
      • Stage Crew Joe Daniels & John Gibbs
      • Lighting and Sound Hire Dinrino Theatre Services
      • Additional Lighting Equipment Kim Hollamby
      • Props and Set Kazia Grainger
      • Wardrobe Designer Amanda Bretney
      • Wardrobe Supervisor Emma Reeves
      • Makeup Design Kerry Thomas
      • Makeup Team Jennifer Clark
      • Hair and Wigs Catherine Hannan
      • Prompt Anne Lowder
      • Displays Marketing Team and Emma Reeves
      • Website Kim Hollamby
      • Marketing Team Sara El-Hanfy, Kazia Grant, Louise Quelch, Denise Schult, Katie Wise
      • Programme and Handbill Design Jessamy Vincent
      • Publishing Manager Jessamy Vincent
      • Photography Ray Wilmott 
      • Fundraising Team Rob Latimer, Michael Schult, Kerry Thomas
      • Social Team Stephen Cox, Catherine Hannan, Chris Reeves, Emma Reeves
      • Ticket Officer Anne Jones
      • Front of House Manager John Jones

Society Front of House Team

Brian Bennett, Sam Blake, Emma Bradbury, Sara El-Hanfy, Lynne Furnell, Rob Furnell, Harry Latimer, Rob Latimer, Helen Long, Pat Long, Jo O’Mahoney, Steve O’Mahoney, Laurent Petithuguenin, Louise Quelch, Arthur Reeves, Ian Reeves, Lawrence Reeves, David Schult, Jackie Stoffels, Claire Wilson, Emily Wilson & Gordon Wyard