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Sweet Charity – what the audience are saying

It was the best Sainsbury Singers show I have seen…hats off to Lucy Hutson (Charity) who had so much energy and was on stage an unbelievable amount of time.

The show was brilliant; it was very funny and Lucy (Charity) and Gareth (Oscar) were amazing and my my mum also loved Marek (Daddy).

You bloody rocked it tonight Gary! (Oscar) Well done to you all that was brilliant xxx

I went to bed last night with ‘If my friends could see me’ in my head and woke up this morning with ‘Rhythm of life’, great show by all involved.

Well done to all of you for the hard work that I know that you all put into making it happen. It is a brilliant show with great songs and lots of laughs.

Good first night, congratulations. enjoy your run this week.