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Return to the Forbidden Planet

Return to the Forbidden Planet the musical

The Sainsbury Singers presented Return to the Forbidden Planet on 29 October-1 November 2014 at Leighton Park School, Reading Berkshire. We once again fully kitted out the school’s theatre with full sound, lighting and AV systems to turn Leighton Park into Sceintific Research Flight 9 and drew large audiences into the atmospheric space.

In this improbable blend of 16th Century prose and 20th Century music Captain Tempest and his crew travel into hyperspace, accompanied by rock and roll hits including Great Balls of FireGood VibrationsTeenager in LoveThe Young Ones and The Monster Mash. To complete the mix the storyline, based on a 1956 film, owes its storyline to Shakespeare’s The Tempest and borrows from some of the Bard’s other works.

Return to the Forbidden Planet the musicalReturn to the Forbidden Planet was produced and choreographed by Kim Antell with musical direction by Jon Brooks.

Read our full NODA report of Return to the Forbidden Planet here.


  • Capt Tempest (Starship Captain) Matt Smith
  • Miranda (Prospero’s daughter) Jackie Stoffels
  • Dr Prospero (mad scientist) Brian Bretney
  • Gloria (Starship Science Officer) Louise Quelch
  • Ariel (robot) Gareth Wells
  • Cookie (Starship Cook) Chris Thomas
  • Bosun Arras (Starship Bosun) Laurent Petithuguenin
  • Dinah Mite (Starship Navigation Officer) Helen Long
  • Newscaster (on screen narrator) Kazia Grant

The crew of the US Starship Albatross

Blue Damage Control Team
  • Axel Dent (first mate) Chris Goodchild
  • Dee Tergent (second mate) Katie Wise
  • Amanda Lynn (communications officer) Tricia Goodchild
  • Eileen Backwards (chief researcher) Tanya Houghton
  • Ben Dover (training officer) Michael Schult
  • Crystal Ball (cadet) Isabelle Providence
  • Holly Wood (cadet) Kazia Grant
  • Gene Poole (medical officer) Godfrey Chigona
  • Charity Case (junior cadet) Freya Wilson
  • Robyn Banks (junior cadet) Amy Hale
Blue Damage Control Team
  • Andy Septic (first mate) Sean Faulkner
  • Cutie Cull (second mate) Helen Thomas
  • Carole Singer (communications officer) Sara El-Hanfy
  • Kay Oss (chief researcher) Jessamy Vincent
  • Ray Gunn (training officer) Stephen Cox
  • Jaye Walker (cadet) Emma Prince
  • Paige Turner (cadet) Lorraine Cox
  • Teresa Green (cadet) Denise Schult
  • Charity Case (junior cadet) Laura Schult
  • Robyn Banks (junior cadet) Somer Jassim

The Albatross Band

  • Keyboards Jon Brooks
  • Guitar Alan Hill
  • Bass Phil Berry
  • Drums Julian Bown

 Behind the airlock

  • Producer and choreographer Kim Antell
  • Musical director Jon Brooks
  • Assistant choreographer and dance captain Denise Schult
  • Production co-ordinator Katie Wise
  • Stage manager John Simmonds
  • Deputy stage manager Nigel Antell
  • Stage crew Joe Daniels and Nick Humby
  • Lighting designer Kim Hollamby
  • Lighting operation Becca Simons
  • Followspots Stuart Brookfield and Joe Wilson
  • Lighting assistant Peter Harley
  • Sound operator Louis Martin
  • Sound assistance and design Chris Dinsey and Ashley Hillier
  • Lighting, sound and projection hire Dinrino Theatre Services
  • Additional lighting equipment Kim Hollamby
  • Set production James Humby, Nick Humby
  • Props Matthew Smith
  • Wardrobe designer Amanda Bretney
  • Wardrobe supervisor Emma Reeves
  • Makeup design Kerry Woodley
  • Makeup team Valda Hull, Laura Schult
  • Hair and wigs Valda Hull
  • Prompt Anne Lowder
  • Displays publicity team and Emma Reeves
  • Website Kim Hollamby
  • Marketing team Kazia Grant, Sara El-Hanfy, Louise Quelch, Denise Schult
  • Programme and handbill design – publishing manager Jessamy Vincent
  • Photography Ray Wilmott
  • Fundraising team Rob Latimer, Michael Schult, Kerry Woodley
  • Social team Stephen Cox, Catherine Hannan, Chris Reeves, Emma Reeves
  • Ticket Officer Anne Jones

Boarding gate hospitality staff

  • Boarding gate manager John Jones
  • Check in and tickets Anne Jones
  • Space Bar Justin Simons
  • Space Café Lucy Hutson
  • Boarding gate co-ordinator Michael Schult
  • Chief attendant Patrick Bretney
  • Boarding gate crew cast members, backstage members, Brian Bennett, Sam Blake, Wendy Carne, Bob Furnell, Lynne Furnell, Catherine Hannan, Emily Hiscock, Sam Hutchings, Lynn Harrison, Hils Latimer, Rob Latimer, Pat Long, Rachel Masters, Nicola Morrin, Marek Rakowski, Hannah Rakowska, David Schult, Gordon Wyard, Susan Wyard.


 Xn – Phil Creighton


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