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HMS Pinafore G&S from Scratch

HMS Pinafore G and S from scratch

The Sainsbury Singers presented HMS Pinafore as a G & S from scratch on 27 January 2013 at The Oakwood Centre, Woodley, Reading.

HMS Pinafore G and S from scratch

 This was the first of the society’s 75th anniversary events. It represented a new venture, the first show that had ever been attempted with the rehearsal and performance all in one day. But by the same token it also represented a return to roots, because HMS Pinafore was the very first show performed by The Sainsbury Singers.

Much fun was had by all during the day and a great performance followed in the evening.


  • Captain Corcoran Drew Simpson
  • The Rt Hon Sir Joseph Porter KCB Gordon Wyard
  • Ralph Rackstraw Chris Thomas
  • Dick Deadeye Brian Wingfield
  • Bill Bobstay Chris Faulkner
  • Bob Becket Rob Latimer
  • Josephine Helen Thomas
  • Hebe Lucy Hutson
  • Little Buttercup Jessamy Vincent
Creative team
  • Musical Director Judith Creighton
  • Lighting Designer and Operator Kim Hollamby
  • Photography Ray Wilmott

Kirsty Darbourn, Robert and Lynne Furnell, Louis Martin, Michael and Denise Schult, Lesley Vought, Kerry Woodley, Katie Wise and the member representatives, Emma, Jessamy, Louise and Sara.


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