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Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

War is ravaging in 1940s London. A landscape of fear and shadows. A life of uncertainty and hardship. Returning to the city after 15 years of unjust exile, the eponymous barber intends to extract revenge on the judge who ruined his life. 

As Sweeney Todd’s thirst for vengeance turns into a vendetta against a merciless world, his resourceful landlady, Mrs Lovett, stumbles upon an ingredient that may just turn around the fortunes of her failing pie shop!

Sweeney Todd was performed 29th October to the 2nd November 2019 at Leighton Park Theatre in Reading. It was directed by Matthew Smith with musical direction by Cameron Baker, choreography by Denise Schult and lighting design by Kim Hollamby.

What the audience said

Last night I watched the performance of a lifetime! Fantastic cast, excellent choreography and amazing music. I loved it! Bringing west end to Reading! Mrs Lovett and Todd steal the performance with their excellent portrayals. The beggar woman is superb and Tobias is phenomenal! His acting talent and voice is to be commended. Sweeney was perfectly portrayed with his strong vocals and acting skills- truly an honour to watch!


What a fantastic show, the ensemble were so strong, it really made it!


The chorus is amazing. When they all kick in it really blows you away, wow


I’ve seen a lot of theatre shows in London including the west end show of sweeney Todd and honestly I thought the sainsburys singers performance was miles better. It was so well organised, performed and the singing gave me goosebumps. I loved that the show was so personal and close up too in that theatre. It really made you feel part of the story.


Cast were chillingly accurate with creepy harmonies and blood chilling insanity from Sweeney Todd, loved the live orchestra and seamless powerful singing from the chorus. Mrs Lovett’s comic timing defied the tricky time signatures for some very funny moments. Great stuff sainsbury’s singers!




Sweeney Todd Brian Bretney
Mrs Lovett Emma Reeves
Tobias Gareth Wells
Beggar Woman Catherine Hannan
Judge Turpin Rob Latimer
Beadle Bamford Chris Thomas
Johanna Sophie-May Kent
Anthony Hope Steve Jewell
Pirelli Chris Reeves
Mr Fogg Michael Shult


Charlie Scott, Chris Reeves, Hannah Scarisbrick-Rowe,
Helen Thomas, Hilary LaƟmer, Jessamy Vincent, Joshua Bethel,
Lorraine Cox, Millie Criddle, Rob Latimer,
Stephen Cox (Sweeney Todd Understudy)


Becca White, Claire Wilson, Denise Schult,
Gemma Mason (Bird Seller), Katie Wise,
Kelly Herman, Laura Rountree, Michael Schult

The Sweeney Todd Orchestra

Musical Director Cameron Baker
Keyboard Trevor Defferd
Violin Steph Cole
Cello Jackie Ratcliff
Double Bass Jim Pullen
Clarinet Joanne Paterson-Neild
Bassoon Erica Tugwell
French Horn Tim Pocock
Trumpet Mark Atkins
Percussion Luke Wyeth

Behind the Scenes

  • Director Matthew Smith
  • Musical Director Cameron Baker
  • Choreographer Denise Schult
  • Production Coordinator Emma Bradbury
  • Lighting Designer Kim Hollamby
  • Lighting Operator Becca Simons
  • Lighting Technician Louis Martin
  • Lighting and Sound Equipment Hire Dinrino Theatre Services
  • Additional Lighting Equipment Kim Hollamby
  • Stage Manager John Simmonds
  • Deputy Stage Manager Jackie Soffels
  • Stage Crew Joe Daniels, Caroline Saunders & Andy Scott
  • Sound Board Ian Reeves
  • Sound Effects Brian Bretney
  • Props & Other Scenery Emma Fry, Kazia Grainger, Matthew Smith, Katie Wise & Cast
  • Hire of Oven, Meat Grinder, Pies & Wooden Chest James Humby
  • Scenery Hire Flats Russell and Graham Smith
  • Wardrobe Team Amanda Bretney, Catherine Hannan, Emma Reeves & Gareth Wells
  • Makeup Catherine Hannan & Cast
  • Hair and Wigs Catherine Hannan
  • Prompt Sylvia Thomas & Rachel Masters
  • Photography Alexis Gray
  • Displays Marketing Team
  • Front of House Presentation Jessamy Vincent
  • Webmaster Kim Hollamby
  • Marketing Officer & Publishing Manager Jessamy Vincent
  • Marketing Team Emma Bradbury, Sara El-Hanfy, Kazia Grant, Louise Quelch, Denise Schult & Jessamy Vincent
  • Photography Alexis Gray
  • Fundraising Team Lorraine Cox, Michael Schult
  • Social Team Emma Bradbury & Louise Quelch
  • Ticket Officer Stephen Cox
  • Front of House Liaison Michael Schult